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                公司重視品牌建設及推廣,著力提高下游產品的附加價值,已申請Sylon®和喜能®等商標,可提供產品吊牌,為國內外知名面料及服裝品牌商提供高品質原料! 喜能精工細鑄,以專業優勢提供全面周到的功能纖維應用解決方案,讓新纖維開發變的簡單,隨時歡迎您的咨詢和光臨!


                Shaoxing Sylon Textile Technology Co.,Ltd is a technology enterprises , located in Asia's largest textile market - China Textile City in Shaoxing, focus on the development, production and sales of functional differential fiber yarn,and provide healthy, comfortable, environmental friendly,intelligent and fashionable new fiber materials.

                Sylon focus on innovation and promote new fiber technology continuously. Experienced R & D team, senior engineer and provincial key technical talent can provide professional services for customer.Sylon has independently developed and produced many series of functional products, among them, copper fiber, magnetic fiber and antibacterial cool feeling yarn, hollow heating yarn are very popular with customers.

                Sylon has won many invention patents, and can develop differential fiber products according to the needs of customers. We are committed to be your fiber application consultant!  With professional technical strength, Sylon have built good development and production supply chain,from the functional powder, masterbatch, spinning, texturing, yarn manufacture etc., formed full process production technology advantages.All the products have been detected by authoritative departments, with reliable quality and excellent performance.Sylon's functional products are well stocked with complete specifications, which can provide convenient services of small batch and fast delivery, meet the diversified needs of customers.

                Sylon attach importance to brand building and promotion, and strive to improve the additional value for customer, has applied Sylon ®and 喜能® as trademarks, provide high-quality textile materials for domestic and foreign well-known fabrics and clothing brands.

                Excellence as work attitude, Sylon provide more comprehensive functional fiber application solutions, let new fiber using become easy, welcome your call and visit sincerely!

                Sylon, create a better life!